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Modifications for Cement Australia by Space Urban

How Space Urban was able to increase throughput at Port Kembla Cement Mill.
Modifications for Cement Australia by Space Urban

Space Urban was engaged by Cement Australia Pty Ltd to prepare a project modification to increase throughput at the Port Kembla Cement Mill. The increase in throughput was required by Cement Australia due to a sustained increase in demand for cement in NSW. The following key components were undertaken and managed by Space Urban:

Project Scoping & Engagement With NSW Regulators & Port Authority

Space Urban was initially engaged to review the project brief, previous Development Applications (DA), and NSW planning legislation to determine the most appropriate approval pathway for the project. As part of this process stakeholders including NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE), Environment Protection Authority (EPA), and NSW Port Authority were consulted to gain an appreciation of potential project issues for consideration.

Technical Advice On Approval Pathway & Community Engagement

Space Urban was responsible for liaising with the DPE, and preparing and providing them with a project scoping report to support the chosen assessment pathway. Space Urban also communicated with other stakeholders such as the EPA and NSW Port Authority throughout the assessment process.

Coordination & Review Of Technical Assessments

As part of their project brief, Space Urban was required to work closely with the engaged specialist consultants to ensure consistency of information in the EIS and also to peer review the specialist assessments.

Preparation Of Statement Of Environmental Effects To Support Modification Application

Space Urban prepared a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) to support the modified DA to DPE for the project. This report also included the various technical assessments prepared for specific aspects of the development. 

Preparation Of Material For Response To Submissions

Space Urban prepared additional supporting information, in consultation with Cement Australia, to address comments raised by the EPA, NSW Port Authority, and DPE.

The Modification To The Project Was Granted In August 2022

Space Urban were selected due to their approvals experience, relationship with state government agencies, and competitive fees.

If you would like to know more about Space Urban's capabilities visit https://www.spaceurban.com.au/