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Space Urban Announced as Finalist in the 2023 Property Council of Australia's, People In Property Awards.

On Monday 19th May, the Property Council of Australia announced the finalists in their long-running and highly anticipated People In Property Awards. Space Urban is up for Team of the Year.
Space Urban Announced as Finalist in the 2023 Property Council of Australia's, People In Property Awards.

These annual awards are to shine a spotlight on the members who contribute to the creation of incredible buildings, spaces, and places around the cities and regions. These projects cannot come to life without the people who design, develop and manage them. These awards are about rewarding the teams and individuals behind these projects.

There are six categories including Rising Star, People First, Pathfinder, Industry Impact, Team of the Year, and Legacy Leadership Award. Space Urban is thrilled to be announced as a finalist in the Team of the Year Award. CEO of Space Urban, Allison Basford says, “Achieving recognition for one's efforts is undoubtedly gratifying, but to be recognised as a finalist in the Property Council of Australia's "Team of the Year" award holds a profound significance. The acknowledgment represents a culmination of tireless dedication, unwavering teamwork, and exceptional achievements that have surpassed expectations. As a finalist, the honor bestowed upon the team goes beyond mere validation; it stands as a testament to the collective excellence and remarkable synergy within the group”.

Space Urban being recognised as a finalist in the "Team of the Year" award highlights the team's exceptional accomplishments, innovative problem-solving, and ability to overcome challenges. It serves as a reminder that success is not solely an individual pursuit but a result of collaboration, trust, and shared goals. The nomination showcases the team's ability to harmonize diverse skill sets, perspectives, and experiences to drive extraordinary outcomes.

The significance of being a finalist in such a coveted award lies in the external validation it provides. It amplifies the team's impact, fosters motivation, and affirms their commitment to excellence. Moreover, the nomination elevates the team's reputation within their industry, attracting attention, partnerships, and opportunities that can propel their collective endeavors forward.

Beyond the accolades, being a finalist in the "Team of the Year" People In Property Awards serves as an inspiration to others. It shines a spotlight on the team's achievements, demonstrating what can be accomplished through collaboration, determination, and shared vision. The recognition fosters a sense of pride, camaraderie, and accomplishment within the team, fostering a positive work environment and fueling future aspirations.

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